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So are we!  This season is lining up to be another one for the record books, and we hope you are ready.  Lets Ride Adventures will be filming more episodes this season, along with providing snowmobile and snowbike avalanche education in conjunction with AIARE, and Sierra Avalanche Center.  We have also teamed up with The Mountain Riding Lab out in Togwotee WY to provide a Rescue course and a Level 1 just before the new year.  So there are lots of options for you to get more Avalanche Education and get the most out of your backcountry experience!




Sierra Avalanche Center FREE  Courses



Yup we said FREE!!!  Everyone needs to be up on their avy skills.  This is why we are helping the Sierra Avalanche Center in providing Awareness courses and  3  level 1 avalanche courses this season.  These courses are by snowmobilers for snowmobilers, and cover all the real time issues of riding and making good decisions in the backcountry.  Each course is 3 days, and complies with the AAA guidelines.  You will be spending some time in the class room, but most of the time will be in the field applying the learning models to terrain, travel, decision making, snow pack analysis, companion rescue practice, and all the fundamentals of avalanche knowledge so you can get the most out of your backcountry experience.  Get the gear, get the training, get the forecast, get the picture, get out of harms way, and get out there!!

SAC is offering 6 level 1 courses this season and we will be instructing 3 of them.  Check this link for more info:

Sierra Avalanche Center


Avalanche Rescue Course and Level 1 in Togwotee WY.

Looking for something before 2018, and not as far west as Tahoe?  Then book your spot with The Mountain Riding Lab.  Duncan Lee will be lead instructor for an AIARE avalanche rescue course, as well as an AIARE level 1 course provided by The Mountain Riding Lab in Togwotee WY.  December 28th – December 31st. These courses are designed to provide motorized users with the fundamentals to travel in the backcountry.  The Rescue course is designed to hone in your skills using your avalanche rescue gear.  Beacon searching, proper probing techniques, and strategic shoveling.  These are part of the whole picture, and the course dials you in on every aspect.  It also provides you with the skills so you can practice on your own.

The Mountain Riding Lab


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