Meet Our Guides

Duncan Lee

Lead guide, owner

Duncan has been using the backcountry for nearly his whole life of 38 years.  He grew up in Lake Tahoe so the backcountry was really his back yard.  From professional big mountain snowboarding, down hill mountain bike racing, to trekking around  the globe Duncan is always out on adventure.  Snowmobiling became an everyday thing in 2002, and Duncan proceeded to become a snowmobile industry pro with multiple film segments each year.  In 2008, Duncan along with 3 other friends/ riders, founded Alpine Assassins which is a pro riders collective and produces a leading snowmobile film each year.  Duncan’s riding, route finding, and safety skills are top-notch and he is devoted to giving clients the ride of a lifetime.

Duncan started Lets Ride Adventures in 2013 in hopes to share his passion with the rest of the industry.  Over the past few years there have been many ups and downs, but the path has kept on going.  Now Duncan has committed much of his time to instructing avalanche education for snowmobilers.  He sits on the Board of Directors for AIARE (american institute of avalanche research and education) who develop curriculum for avalanche courses.  He is also a course lead instructor and provides snowmobile specific level 1’s and awareness classes world wide.   Between avalanche education, and the Lets Ride Adventures Video Series, Duncan is on the go.


AIARE Avalanche Education  – level 2 recreational /  AIARE Course Leader / AIARE Ed Instructor

Wilderness First Responder / CPR



FXR Mountain

Toms Snowmobiles

Fly Racing

Triple 9 Optics


Sled Wraps

Alpine Assassins

M.V.M. Motorsports

Zbroz Racing

Slydog Skis


Xtreme Air Vents


Beach Hut Deli Rocklin

“I live to snowmobile the backcountry, and feel that I have lots to offer with my experience and knowledge.  I am fired up to share with people the epic rides that I get to experience being a professional snowmobiler.” -Duncan Lee




Justin Sheaff

Justin Sheaff is the definition of a snowmobiler.  He is the most fired up individual you might ever meet, and wants to share that with everyone on the snow.  His day job is working for Cal Fire instructing at the academy.  But when he gets days off you will find him holding that throttle wide open and attacking the backcountry like no other.  Justin loves the mountains and outdoors and also lives in Lake Tahoe.  In fact you can ride from Justin’s back yard to Duncan’s backyard because they are about 8 miles away separated by some awesome tree riding.  Anytime Justin is on a ride he is helping everyone, either getting unstuck, annualizing a new line, or just providing comedic relief.  He is the guy that makes sure everyone else is having a blast, and thats when you know he is loving every minute.

Justin has been riding in the Lets Ride Adventures Video Series for a couple seasons, and helping Duncan instruct avalanche awareness courses over the past two years.  This season he will be also instructing level 1’s along side Duncan, and believes in promoting avalanche education to the snowmobile community.  Justin’s stoke makes everyone around him get fired up, and his knowledge makes sure everyone is doing it right.  If you catch a pow day with Justin you are bound to come away with an ear to ear grin.




CAL Fire Academy instructor

AIARE course instructor


“When I needed a hand in instructing avalanche courses my first thought was of Justin Sheaff,  he is not just a good instructor, but he truly believes in what we are doing.  He is also super fun to be around, and people love to ride with him.  When we are out filming for the video series, its insane to try and follow him through the trees, he picks lines that are so fun and challenging, sometimes I wonder how he makes it through!”- Duncan Lee