Check out the Lets Ride Adventures Video Series!  This is a snowmobile webisode video series hosted by Duncan Lee.  It catalogs the epic locations that Duncan travels to,  other Pro riders in the sport, and what products that Duncan puts on his sled and uses in the backcountry.   This season Duncan is planning on hitting some insane locations with some of the industries best riders, so stay tuned and LETS RIDE!!!   


Riding Packages

Free Snowmobile specific Avalanche Awareness Classes

AIARE Snowmobile specific Avy Level 1 course

About Us

Lets Ride Adventures is all about spreading stoke in the winter mountain communities!  We love adventure and pushing the limits of possibility.  And the Lets Ride Adventures Video Series, is exactly that!  We are looking to raise the bar on our production, as well as riding, and are always searching for the most epic locations to go sledding.  Not only are we committed to radical riding and filming, but avalanche awareness and  training are also our main focus.  From instructing avalanche awareness classes, to offering full AIARE snowmobile specific Avy Level 1 classes,  you will find Lets Ride Adventures all over the place.